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Something's Happening. Will it matter outside my studio? Time will tell.

I am really enjoying these somewhat bizarre colorful abstractions. My test for if something is working is simple:

Will I enjoy hanging this in my home if it doesn't sell? Would seeing it in my home spark joy or will I just see it as unfinished or "amateur hour"? So essentially, I am, above everything else, creating for one client: me. Self-centered? Perhaps. Short-sighted? Also, a possibility. Antithesis of a sound marketing strategy? Most likely. But all I know is that anytime I try to create work that is 'en vogue', 'trendy', or whatever it falls flat. The work doesn't connect with people AND I don't want it hanging in my home.

I think people can tell when you are faking it. If you are lucky enough to organically create marketable content, that's awesome. That's a real skill, just not my skill ;). My skill can be summed up by a client's take. She bought one of my very colorful paintings. She said, "I have no idea where this is going to go but the colors make me so happy." So, my color palette may not match the couch, but it will match a person on a very real level. And it may come off as self-indulgent to say but I think that's all I could ask for.

We will see if this work connects with anyone on Saturday April 29th, 2023 at Bond Park in Cary, NC at Cary Spring Daze.

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