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"Not-so-quiet Quitting" Abstract Piece 24x30: The Story Behind the Painting

I really enjoy abstract painting these days. I love bold colors. Hoping attendees of Cary Spring Daze on April 29, 2023 share my color palette preferences! This piece titled "Not-so-quiet quitting" is about using your talents to embrace what brings you joy. The thin curved line in the piece is representative of someone threading a needle. It's a simple act that has an explosive impact in the painting. The canvas 'breaks' apart into different dimensions. Some pieces fold over each other and others are more jagged. There is a rough texture all over the painting created with modeling paste. The rough texture is meant to communicate what a visceral experience it is to choose to 'quit' what is expected of you. Have you "quiet quitted"? How did it impact your life?

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