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How It All Began

The origins of "Bird Lady Paints" begin in a little pet store in the summer of 2014. I went in there to kill some time with my three-year old daughter. I had no idea that it would be such a transformative experience for both of us. My daughter was newly diagnosed with Autism. We were in the very early phases of understanding what this all meant. It was a very confusing time for me as a mother. I just wanted my child to be happy. How could I make that happen? 


"Would she like to hold it?"


       The pet store employee was holding in her hands a little parakeet. I was terrified to say "yes". Would she scream and make a scene? Would she hurt the bird? With every reservation, I said "sure." And in a beautiful moment that I will never forget, my daughter held out her little finger for the parakeet to perch on. And so began my daughter's fascination with birds and it was infectious. We bought her a cockatiel and after its passing an African Grey. Both birds have taught us so much about our daughter's atypical (and beautiful) brain. 


      I am currently developing a children's book about our journey with Autism and birds. I am also continuing to show my bird paintings in art festivals around North Carolina. And I am not limited to birds, I am available to create custom artwork and paint that special animal portrait you have been 

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