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"Bird Lady Paints" is evolving, and it feels so good.

When I began my venture into the festival circuit and online sales, I marketed myself as "Bird Lady Paints." I joked it was because people would struggle with spelling my last name in a search bar. But it was more because of my first taste of success: animal portraits. Over the past decade, I have painted birds, lizards, rats, dogs and cats.

I am so grateful for all of the support I have received from the bird owning community. It was a real boost to my confidence to have such a dedicated little fan base early on in this small business venture. Thank you!

Moving forward I am still taking pet portrait commissions, but I am no longer creating animal portraits for sale on my site or at festivals. I have seen an increased interest in my abstracts compared to my representational work (animals and cityscapes) and I am leaning into that.

Aside from the wonderful public response, I am listening to response as well! I am happiest creating these abstracts and expressionist style works. I realize I am able to lose myself to the moment and enjoy painting instead of wondering "will this sell?" I am essentially creating work that I love making and would be more than happy to keep in my house! Moving forward I am truly creating a collection of paintings that speaks to my aesthetic. The bright colors that my customers say they love, accentuated by the joy of creating just for the sake of creating-because it is fun. "Enjoy Now." That is the mantra moving forward and I am so excited to see where this takes me. Thank you for your support.

*the image above is not a creation of mine, just a lovely product from Wix.

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