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Color is coming to Spring Daze! Mark your calendars for color infused joy.

I am so excited to bringing a small army of colorful paintings to Cary Spring Daze this year. I am only bringing originals. I don't like creating prints because frankly my originals sell so much better than any print. Having said that I will have a couple of clearance items, but truly just a couple, that are metal prints of downtown Cary.

This is going to be a very special showing. I feel this collection is the most ME. This is my aesthetic: over the top and evoking joy! Along with titles I will have a little blurb about the inspiration for the painting. I will have a lot of small wood paneled pieces and a number of large, framed pieces. Everything will be ready to hang or place on that lonely spot on your bookshelf.

I can't wait to see old clients that have meant so much to my work and to my family. And I am so eager to meet clients in the making! Everyone that has bought a painting from me over the years has supported my passion but more importantly helped support my family and I am so thankful!

See you at Bond Park in Cary, NC on Saturday April 27th 9-5 in the "F Neighborhood"

For my supporters across the country I will be uploading new items to the Etsy Shop at the beginning of May.

Thank you!

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