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Own your mess. Celebrate your mess: Ramblings of a Working Artist & Mom

So as I finish up the latest incarnation of my website, my mind is flooded with a lot of thoughts. First, I am thinking of what most struggling artists think when they update a site that is rarely visited.

"Do I do this for vanity?"

"Is this simply being a professional?"

"Is it a sin to take yourself seriously and 'dress for the job you want'?"

So on and so on.

Add to this the mess that is motherhood. It is a beautiful mess but a mess nonetheless. More thoughts creep in my head:

"Am I focusing enough on my daughter's homeschool?"

"Will this endeavor provide for my family?"

"Am I putting too much pressure on my spouse to financially do the heavy lifting?"

Stop. Really Stop.

My advice, that I intend to take, is to stop catastrophizing. Each action isn't going to lead to financial doom or billion dollar success. The stakes are not that high for each step. BUT it is important to act. Your plans and vision for your career can't survive if they are hypothetical for too long. Do something. Try something. Take yourself seriously. You deserve it. Fully commit.

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