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Oh, 2021 you sure feel a lot like 2020.

Oh man, the news is quite depressing these days isn't it? Doesn't feel like a whole lot of real-world opportunities to connect with potential clients are out there. This downer post is a PSA for any artist you see at the festivals this year. I got a notification about an upcoming festival and I saw that the festival fee has gone up this year (after the nightmare of 2020, which is crazy).

I am lucky enough that festivals are an extra line of income for me. For so many artists you see at the festivals, THIS is their means of paying rent, buying groceries. I have met a lot of artist couples that both rely on making contact with Art buyers. And so when you see these determined vendors at the festivals this year. Be kind. Be patient. And please understand all the expenses you don't see go into that festival. The vendors pay a fee to be there. There are people that must get a hotel if they are from out of town. They had to pay for gas to get there. They had to pay for the tent and hardware to display their work. And of course, I am not even talking about their efforts creating the work.

So remember to be kind and shop local. When you can support the artists that are coming out to these festivals and I hope in 2022 to be one of them, once again.

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