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"Enjoy Now."


This is the mantra I have imparted to my Autistic Daughter. She can become fixated on "what's next?" And I will interrupt her perseverating with a simple question: "What am I going to say?" 

And she will sigh and say '"Enjoy Now." She has taken to speaking the mantra without prompting when she finds herself worrying about what is next on her agenda.

This two-word philosophy has worked its way into my art. I am pivoting away from the *representational and moving towards creating spontaneous expressive paintings meant to capture the magic of the moment. Whether that be a moment of peace, happiness, or dreaded anxiety, let us all find a way to "Enjoy Now. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. 

*I continue to be available for commissions of pets, portraits and other representational art. I am just no longer independently creating this type of art unless it is for my wonderful clients. 


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