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"Lordy, She's Come Undone Again."A Meditation on the Female Form. 24x48 Framed, Message for Pricing.

My work is heavily influenced by the German Expressionist “Blue Rider” movement, led by Marc and Kandinsky. The movement’s bright color palette accented by jagged linework further communicates its mission of prioritizing raw emotion over realism. No other artistic style speaks to me more than this one. The Blue Rider movement occurred during a tumultuous time in the early 20th century and worked to encapsulate the social and political landscape in its brushstrokes. I feel the power of this creative approach in how I choose to document the chaos of the present day. “Lordy, She has come undone yet again” is a meditation on the female form and how it is both revered and censured simultaneously in our Western society. In one breath, policy makers can suggest reverence for the womb and distrust of the body that houses it. The weight of this moment in history is exhausting and all too familiar. The bold color choices in my work suggest a hard fought for optimism for where we go from here.

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